Climate Change Action Plan - Kenya

Knowledge Management & Capacity Development

Information on climate is critical in informing the design of appropriate adaptation and mitigation actions, support planning and choice of strategies including assessment of risk and early warning systems. Capacity development of institutions involved in the planning and management of responses in vulnerable sectors is one of the most pressing climate change needs in the country. The Knowledge Management and Capacity Development (KMCD) reports address issues relating to institutional and technical capacity strengths and needs of the various actors ranging from government, private sector, civil society and communities. It also encompasses education, training, public awareness and networking. The full details of the key findings for these areas of focus and the recommendations that emerged are presented in the respective chapters as follows:

  • Chapter One: - Introduction, Methodology and Evidence-Based Policy.
  • Chapter Two: - Knowledge Management Action Plan.
  • Chapter Three: - Capacity Development Action Plan.
  • Chapter Four: - Public Awareness and Communication Strategy.
  • Chapter Five: - Integrating Climate Change into Kenya’s Education System.


Knowledge Management and Capacity Development - Executive Summary


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